Electro Magnetic Compatibility

Chang Sung’s EMC materials provide innovative solutions to various issues related to electromagnetic noise and heat management in automotive, IT, communications, and mobile industries. Chang Sung’s integrated manufacturing system, from raw materials to finished products, maximizes the performance of EMC products.
∙ Inductors for mobile devices, automotive electrical and electronic components, communications equipment, EVs and hybrid cars

EMI Suppressors

Chang Sung’s EMI Suppressors ensure the best performance because they are made of inhouse developed magnetic materials. These materials are essential to addressing electromagnetic noise issues and creating a more efficient communication environment.

- Effective suppression of the radiation noise
in a band range from 10MHz to 6GHz

- High electrical resistance(106-108Ω)

- Flexible and easy to handle

- Can be manufactured in various shapes, sizes and thicknesses (0.02mm to 1mm)

∙ Mobile, Network Equipment, Telecommunications, Automotive Electrical and Electronic Components, Consumer Electronics, Medical Equipment, Military application.

Thermal Conductive Materials

CSC’s Thermal conductive materials are heat-radiating materials with high thermal conduction and provide effective solutions to internal heating issues observed in various electronic devices. These materials quickly transport heat from heat sources to heat sinks or the surroundings, preventing electronic components from overheating.

- High thermal conductivity

- High conformability

- Low siloxane content or siloxane free

- Multi-Function

- High tensile strength

- Certification of UL94V-0

- Eco-Friendly

∙ Telecommunication Devices (Router)

∙ Power Industries (SMPS)

∙ Flat Panel Displays (OLED, LCD)

∙ Set-top Boxes (SD/HD)

∙ Graphic Cards and Processors

∙ Memory Modules (DDR, S-RAM)

∙ Microprocessors

∙ Inductor for Electric & Hybrid Vehicle / Inductor for Fuel Cell Module/nductor for Solar Cell Module

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