In your hands, and in your car
We give you technologies that add happiness and joy to your life

CSC's cutting-edge materials will turn your life into a more stylish and prosperous one

With clean technology that puts the earth and its inhabitants first,
and creating a clean environment with unlimited resources

CSC's materials for renewable energy technology in electric vehicles and photovoltaic power production will make your life ever greener.

As we embrace future technology,
CSC already walks with the future you of tomorrow.

CSC's technology is increasingly oriented toward the future, our customers, and the world we all live in.

CSC continues to move beyond the
technologies of the past
while always dreaming of future opportunities.

An era of new technology, where you can find electric
vehicle charging stations on every corner of the streets,
and every household uses renewable energy with photovoltaic power systems.
As a world-class leader driving the era of eco-friendly
technology, CSC has been increasingly shifting its focus
to creating a future environment
where you can live a happier life.


To the world beyond Korea
Your Reliable Partner, Chang Sung


CSC has advanced so much over the past 40 years, and will continue to advance for another 40 years to come.


World-class materials technology, ranging
from cutting-edge basic materials
to eco-friendly vehicle and energy system

Here we present CSC's seven products that will make your life
even more stylish and prosperous.

Material Revolution,
Metal Powders

It is a high functional complex powder part that can be applied to produce a wide range of future mechanical parts for various applications, such as automotive, AI, 5G, and 3D printing, and electronical raw material parts, such as MLCC, conductive paste, EMC parts, and film products. CSC’s constant innovation is directed towards people.

Global No.1,
Soft Magnetic Powder Cores

Soft Magnetic Powder Cores, the global No.1 product of Chang Sung Corporation, are used as the main components for power conversion devices across various applications such as Automotive, Server, Solar and Communication, and improve the energy efficiency of all electronics. The technology of Chang Sung always considers a sustainable future.

Total Solution
for Better Magnetic Component

These products are used in solar photovoltaic power generation and eco-friendly vehicles to stabilize the noise, thermal shock, vibration, etc. Chang Sung's technology always ensures trust and safety.

Different Thinking to Move Forward,
Functional Pastes

Chang Sung’s conductive pastes are advanced eco-friendly materials that are widely used in innovative precision industries, such as future-oriented IT devices, industrial devices, and automotive electrical and electronic components. Propelled by the advantages of trust and high efficiency, CSC conductive pastes realize the dream of high-tech materials envisaging the Nth industrial revolution.

Electro Magnetic Compatibility

Chang Sung’s EMC materials provide innovative solutions to various issues related to electromagnetic noise and heat management in automotive, IT, communications, and mobile industries. Chang Sung’s integrated manufacturing system, from raw materials to finished products, maximizes the performance of EMC products.

Premium Quality,
Multifunctional Clad Metals

These composite metals are widely applied to automotive electrical and electronic components, EV components, secondary batteries, and mobile phones. These materials, which are fabricated by combining multiple metals, provide the electrical and physical properties that cannot be achieved with a single metal. Thus, these materials can be effectively used in designing multifunctional products and reducing production cost by replacing precious metals.

Creative Solution for Precision Parts,
Powder Metallurgy

These materials are produced through a series of processes, such as compression, molding, high-temperature heat treatment, and sintering, and widely used as materials for automotive motors, home appliances, earphones, syringes, etc. The technology of Chang Sung continues to realize the dream of enriching people and everyday life.

A step towards happiness

CSC values happiness as the a door leading to the
development of future technology.
CSC believes in seeing the happy faces of people, whether they are clients or employees; this has now become CSC's future value.