Functional Pastes

Different Thinking to Move Forward, Functional Pastes

Chang Sung’s conductive pastes are advanced eco-friendly materials that are widely used in innovative precision industries, such as future-oriented IT devices, industrial devices, and automotive electrical and electronic components. Propelled by the advantages of trust and high efficiency, CSC conductive pastes realize the dream of high-tech materials envisaging the Nth industrial revolution.

Functional pastes are composite materials with high flowability in which functional fillers, binders, and solvents are uniformly distributed. Metallic, ceramic, or carbon materials are selected as functional fillers depending on what the paste is used for. Glass frits or polymer resins are used as binders according to the substrate type and heat treatment temperature. The workability of the paste is determined based on the applied processes, which affect its fluid properties, such as printing, dipping, and dispensing.

∙ IT devices, automotive electrical and electronic components, and home appliance parts

- Chip Components
: Chip Inductors, MLCC, Chip Varistors
- Flexible Circuits
: Membrane Touch Switches, RFID Tag Antennas, Touch Screen Electrodes
- PCB Applications
: PCB Through-Holes, Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
- Electronic Ceramics
: Piezo / Microwave Products
- Electronic Control Unit
: Power Module, Thermoelectric Module
- Insulation Coating

Curing Type

CSC’s Curing type paste provides excellent printing properties and conductivity using the optimized Ag Flake powder

Membrane Touch Switches

멤브레인 터치 스위치용 페이스트
Product No. Filler Curing Conditions Resistance (mΩ/□/mil) Viscosity (Pa·s @ 50rpm) Comments
Paron-910 Series Ag 130°C/30~60min 15-50 15-25 ㆍLow resistivity
Paron-962 Series 150°C/30~60min 10-20 15-25 ㆍHalogen free, Low resistivity
Paron-960 Series 140°C/30~60min 15-20 10-20 ㆍHalogen free, Excellent flexibility
Paron-950 Series 80°C/30~60min 15-30 15-30 ㆍLow temperature curing
Paron-951 Series 90°C/30~60min 20-40 5-20 ㆍHalogen free, Low temperature curing
Paron-930 Ag+C 130°C/30~60min 40 12-16 ㆍCarbon blended, Low cost
Paron-920 C 15,000 15-25 ㆍFlexible carbon paste
Paron-921 15,000 20-30 ㆍHalogen free, Flexible carbon paste


PCB / FPCB용 페이스트
Product No. Filler Curing Conditions Resistance (mΩ/□/mil) Viscosity (Pa·s @ 50rpm) Comments
Paron-611 Series Ag 150°C/30-60min 25-50 20-30 ㆍHigh reliability, Low resistivity
Paron-621 Ag
50°C, 70°C, 150°C
/each 30min
200 6 ㆍHigh reliability, Low resistivity
Paron-650N 6 ㆍLow cost

Touch Screen Electrodes

터치스크린 전극용 페이스트
Product No. Filler Curing Conditions Resistance (mΩ/□/mil) Viscosity (Pa·s @ 10rpm) Fine line width(㎛) Comments
Paron-810 Series Ag 130°C/20min 20 150~200 80 ㆍScreen printing type
Paron-811 Series Ag 130°C/20min 20 50~100 15~20 ㆍLaser etching type
Paron-813 Series Ag/Cu 130°C/10min 35 150~200 100 ㆍScreen printing type
   (Low cost)

Insulation coating

절연용 페이스트
Product No. Filler Curing Conditions Resistance (mΩ/□/mil) Viscosity (Pa·s @ 10rpm) Comments
Paron-310 Resin 300 ~ 600 mJ/cm² 1010 15 ㆍGreen color
Paron-310T 500 ~ 1,000 mJ/cm² 1010 40 ㆍColorless & Transparency

Firing Type

CSC’s Firing type paste provides optimal sintering and resistance properties in a wide temperature range and for various substrates.

for Chip Components (Internal Electrode)

칩부품(내부전극) 페이스트
Product No. Filler Firing Conditions Viscosity (Pa·s @ 10rpm) Comments
Paron-L69 Ag 850-900℃ 200-300 ㆍAg 82%, 88%, 90%
ㆍExcellent line resolution
Paron-L80 Ag 850-900℃ 200-300 ㆍAg 78%, 82%, 85%, 88%, 90%
ㆍHigh sintering density
Paron-L10 Ag 850-900℃ 200-300 ㆍAg 82%-88%
ㆍSlow sintering
ㆍLow shrinkage
Paron-L62 Ag 850-900℃ 200-300 ㆍAg 88%
ㆍFine line
Paron-L90 Ag 850-900℃ 250-350 ㆍL90A : Fine line (30um)
ㆍL90B : High aspect ratio (rectangular form)
Paron-L20 Ag 600-850℃ 200-300 ㆍL20A : High shrinkage
Paron-V10 Pd 1,100-1,300℃ 50 ㆍHigh reliability
Paron-V22 Ag/Pd=8/2 850-1,050℃ 35 ㆍElectrical property control, Low cost
Paron-V23 Ag/Pd=7/3 950-1,100℃ 30 ㆍElectrical property control
Paron-P30 Ag98/Pd2 920-940℃ 30-50 ㆍMLPZT : Excellent sheet matching
Paron-P31 Ag 910-930℃ 30-50 ㆍMLPZT : Excellent heat resistamce

for Chip Components (External Electrode)

칩부품(외부전극) 페이스트
Product No. Filler Firing/ Curing conditions Viscosity (Pa·s @ 10rpm) Comments
Paron-L65A Ag 650-800℃ 30-40 ㆍAg 50%
ㆍThin thickness, Low Ag
Paron-L65B 650~700℃ 30~40 ㆍAg 65%
ㆍUniform shape, dense sintered structure
Paron-L65E 800~850℃ 50~60 ㆍAg 65%
ㆍLow viscosity, high temp.
Paron-C77A1 Cu 800~850℃ 25~35 ㆍRecommend chip size(mm) : 0603, 1005
Paron-C77A2 800~850℃ 25~35 ㆍRecommend chip size(mm) : 1608, 2012, 3216
Paron-C77B0 750~800℃ 25~35 ㆍRecommend chip size(mm) : 0402
Paron-C77B1 750~800℃ 25~35 ㆍRecommend chip size(mm) : 0603, 1005
Paron-C77B2 750~800℃ 25~35 ㆍRecommend chip size(mm) : 1608, 2012, 3216
Paron-C77H1 800~850℃ 25~35 ㆍRecommend chip size(mm) : 0603, 1005
Paron-E10 Ag 150~200℃/30~60min. 20~60 ㆍSoft termination
Paron-E30 Cu 150~200℃/30~60min.(N2) 20~40 ㆍSoft termination (Low cost)

for Ceramics (PTC/PZT/TPC)

세라믹(PTC/PZT/TPC)용 페이스트
Product No. Filler Firing Conditions Viscosity (Pa·s @ 10rpm) Comments
Paron-P11 Ag/Zn 580-630℃ 180-210 ㆍPTC : Ohmic Paste
Paron-P12 Ag 580-630℃ 180-210 ㆍPTC : Cover Paste
Paron-P10 Al 760-830℃ 36-44 ㆍAl electrode Paste
Paron-P96 Ag 750-850℃ 100 ㆍPZT (PbO free)
Paron-W38 Ag 800-850℃ 200 ㆍExcellent solderability, adhesion (for ceramic substrate)
Paron-W51 Ag 800-850℃ 200 ㆍAg paste for AlN substrate
Paron-W50 Ag 800-850℃ 200 ㆍAg paste for Al203 substrate
Paron-W41 Ag 700-750℃ 50 ㆍFor Low CTE Glass Substrate
Paron-W22 Ag < 300℃ 300 ㆍLow temperature pressure type, 230W/mK
Paron-D10 Cu 860-930℃(N2) 280-320 ㆍThick printed copper
   (For attaching ceramic substrates)
Paron-D20 Cu 250-290 ㆍThick printed copper
   (For building up pattern)
Paron-D30 Cu 110-140 ㆍThick printed copper
   (For protective coating)


Product No. Filler Firing Conditions Viscosity (Pa·s @ 10rpm) Comments
Paron-L15N Ag 850-900℃ 200-220 ㆍInner paste for LTCC
Paron-L15G Ag 850-900℃ 240-280 ㆍGround paste for LTCC
Paron-L15V Ag 850-900℃ 220-260 ㆍVia paste for LTCC
Paron-L15T Ag 850-900℃ 4-6 ㆍThru paste for LTCC (Low viscosity)
Paron-MP2 series Mo 1,300-1,500℃ 160-240 ㆍPattern paste
Paron-MV1 Mo 1,300-1,500℃ 220-260 ㆍVia fill paste
Paron-H10 W 1,300-1,500℃ 380-460 ㆍPattern paste
Paron-H12 W 1,300-1,500℃ 13-17 ㆍVia fill paste

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