Metal Powders

Material Revolution, Metal Powders

It is a high functional complex powder part that can be applied to produce a wide range of future mechanical parts for various applications, such as automotive, AI, 5G, and 3D printing, and electronical raw material parts, such as MLCC, conductive paste, EMC parts, and film products. CSC’s constant innovation is directed towards people.

Metal powder is a fine powder that has high surface area for its volume,
and is available to acquire the characteristic of the material itself under high pressure.
Metal powder has various shapes, such as spherical, irregular, dendrite, flake, and square shapes, according to its manufacturing method.
It is available to produce various mechanical parts and materials across the industry more effectively and economically with the CSC metal powder.

∙ Copper and Copper alloyed powder :
PM parts, Friction materials, Electrical contacts, Carbon brush and Diamond tools
∙ Iron alloyed powder :
Magnetic powder core and PM parts
∙ AM metal powder :
Bio-medical(Dental, others), Aircraft turbine and Thermal parts
∙ Silver powder and Coated powder :
Conductive and shielding material
∙ Fine magnetic powder :
Chip inductor


Copper Powders

It is available to produce various shape such as high purity spherical, irregular, dendrite type customized part related to the customer’s needs.
Those various shape parts are applied to PM component, friction parts, electric contactors, and antibacterial products.

  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Atomized Copper
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Electrolytic Copper
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Fine Copper
∙ Atomizing copper powder :
Sintering parts, Friction materials, Electrical contacts and Catalysts
∙ Infiltration powder :
Sintering parts
∙ Electrolytic copper powder :
Sintering parts, Carbon brushes, Diamond tools and Catalysts
∙ Fine electrolytic copper powder and Fine copper powder :
Conductive paste, Sheet, Additive material and other Conductive materials
Product Grade Composition (%) AD (g/cc) FR (sec/50g) H2Loss (%) Mesh (%)
60 80 100 140 200 325 -325
Atomized Copper ACU-60 Cu99.5min 2.0~3.0 35max 0.3max 2max 40min Bal 5max
ACU-140 Cu99.5min 2.8~3.8 45max 0.3max - - 5max 10~20 Bal 40~60
ACU-325 Cu99.5min 2.8~3.8 NA 0.3max - - - - - Bal 65~85
Electrolytic Copper ECU-1000 Cu99.5min 0.6~1.0 NA 0.5max - - - - - 5max 95min
Fine Electrolytic Copper ECU-010 Cu99.5min 0.5~0.8 NA 0.5max Laser Particle Analysis (D50) 8.5~10.5㎛
ECU-015 Cu99.5min 0.5~0.8 NA 0.5max Laser Particle Analysis (D50) 15.0~18.0㎛
Fine Copper HACU-025 Cu99.5min 1.5~2.5 NA 0.6max Laser Particle Analysis (D50) 2.5~3.0㎛
HACU-065 Cu99.5min 2.0~3.0 NA 0.6max Laser Particle Analysis (D50) 6.0~7.0㎛

Bronze Powders

CSC Bronze powder is produced by mixing or alloying depending on the application.
A sponge-type powder with excellent plasticity and sintering properties is applied to the oil soaked bearings and the spherical shape is applied to diamond tools.

  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Premixed Bronze
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Bronze
∙ Premixed copper powder :
Oil-containing bearing and Sintering parts
∙ Bronze powder :
Precision sintering bearing parts
∙ Alloyed bronzed powder :
Diamond tools, Sintering parts, Filters and Dendrite fillers
Product Grade Composition (%) AD
140 200 325 -325
Premixed Bronze KAB-23 Cu90, Sn10 3.0~3.3 45max 5max 10~20 20~40 40~60
KAB-23G Cu89, Sn10, C1 3.0~3.3 45max 5max 10~20 20~40 40~60
Bronze PAB-10 Cu90, Sn10 4.5~5.5 NA 1max Bal 90min
PAB-15 Cu85, Sn15 4.5~5.5 NA 1max Bal 90min
PAB-20 Cu80, Sn20 4.5~5.5 NA 1max Bal 90min
PAB-33 Cu67, Sn33 4.5~5.5 NA 1max Bal 90min

Iron Alloyed Powders

Chang Sung’s alloyed powder is comprised of special characteristics such as high permeability and a low loss compared to other companies. We provide stable and regular quality assurance using our one-line system from development to manufacturing supported by our vast know-how gained through years of experience and production expertise.

  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Phosphorus Iron
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 High Flux
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Mega Flux
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Sendust
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 G6
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 M4
∙ Soft magnetic powder :
Magnetic powder core
∙ FeP powder :
Sintering parts
Product Grade Composition (%) AD (g/cc) Mesh (%) Saturation Magnetization (Ms) Coercivity (Hc)
60 140 200 325 emu/g Oe
Soft Magnet MPP Fe-Ni-Mo 3.5~5.0
3max Bal 80-90 0.5~2
High Flux Fe-Ni 3.5~5.0
3max Bal 150-160 2~5
Mega Flux Fe-Si 3.5~5.0
3max Bal 190-200 5~8
Sendust Fe-Si-Al 3.5~5.0
3max Bal 110-120 8~10
Phosphorus Iron PFP-015 Fe 85, P15 2.8~3.2
0.1max Bal
Product Grade Composition(wt%) AD
Laser Particle Analysis(㎛) Circularity Hardness
Fe C Mn Si Cr Mo V W O D10 D50 D9O
G6 Bal. 0.4 0.3 2 9 - - - 0.03 4.19 4.9 14.5 56.9 80.6 112 0.95 50
M4 Bal. 1.3 0.3 0.5 4 5 4 6 0.02 4.35 5 14.6 54.8 75.6 103 0.96 68

Al Powders

CSC Aluminum powder is highly pure and fine-grained, which suits the needs of national defense and gunpowder industries and ensures stability with excellent membrane technology.
Also it is reliably supplied both domestically and abroad with its production system using specially designed protective equipment.

  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Aluminum
∙ Refractory material, Friction material, Sintering material, Propellant and Explosive material
Product Grade Shape Composition
25 60 80 100 200 325 -325
Ultra Fine Aluminum AAL-10SF Spherical Al99.5min 0.9~1.3 Mean Size(FSSS) : 4~10μm
AAL-30SF Al99.5min 0.9~1.3 Mean Size(FSSS) : 15~25μm
AAL-40SF Al99.5min 0.9~1.3 Mean Size(FSSS) : 15~25μm

Low Melting Powders

CSC tin powder is applied to the friction materials, diamond tools, and painting material.
Also we can provide a customized powder to meet the customer’s requirement.

  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Tin
∙ Friction material and Diamond tools
Product Grade Composition (%) AD (g/cc) Mesh (%)
100 140 200 325 -325
Tin AT-325 Sn99.5min 2.8-3.8       Bal 80min
AT-400 Sn99.5min 2.5-3.5       Bal ≥98min
AT-600 Sn99.5min 2.2-3.2 Laser Particle Analysis (D50) : 6.0~10.0㎛

AM Powders

CSC AM powder is the key material for 3D printing developed in cooperation with the domestic companies and institutions.
Our atomizing and sieving technology has enabled the control of the shape, spherical, flow rate, size, and uniform contents.

  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Co-Cr-Mo
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Cu
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Al Based Alloy
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Ni Based Alloy
∙ For 3D printing (additive manufacturing)

- Cobalt alloy :
Biomedical (Dental)
- Copper alloy :
Heat exchanger and Jewelry
- Al alloy :
UAM Lightweight materials, Automotive Lightweight materials
- Nickel alloy :
Aerospace (Turbine)
AM Powders
AM 금속분말
Product Grade Type AD
Laser Particle Size(μm)
D10 D50 D90
Metal Powders
for 3D Printing
Co Based Alloy PBF 4.0~5.0 4.8~5.8 0.1max 15~25 25~35 40~50
DED 0.03max 35~55 50~70 90~110
Cu Based Alloy PBF 4.5~5.5 5.0~6.0 0.1max 15~25 25~35 40~50
DED 0.05max 35~55 50~70 90~110
Al Based Alloy PBF 1.0~1.5 1.5~2.0 0.05max 15~25 25~35 40~50
DED 0.02max 35~55 50~70 90~110
Ni Based Alloy PBF 4.0~5.0 5.0~5.5 0.05max 15~25 25~35 40~50
DED 0.02max 35~55 50~70 90~110

Functional Powders

Silver Powders

CSC silver powder is used as a filler for conductive pastes and provides suitable sintering properties and electrical conductivity for various substrates.

  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Spherical Silver
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Fine Silver
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Flake Silver
∙ Spherical silver powder and Fine sliver powder :
Conductive material, Thick film, Conductive pastes, Thermally conductive material, and Electrical contacts
∙ Flake silver powder :
Shielding material, Conductive pastes, and Thin conductive films
Product Grade Shape AD
Loss (Wt%)
Laser Particle Size(㎛)
D10 D50 D90
Spherical Silver HAG-100S Spherical 2.3 3.5 - 0.3 0.5 1 1.5
HAG-150S 2.4 4 0.6 0.2 1 1.8 3
HAG-250S 3 4.2 0.5 0.2 1.7 2.6 4.5
Fine Silver HAG-800 Irregular 2.8 3.7 1 0.1 4.5 10 20
Flake Silver FAG-80A Flake 0.8 1.5 2.5 1 4 10 20

Coated Powders

CSC has low-density core powder production technology to produce high-quality coating powder and manufacturing facilities for wet and dry coating. Thus, it is possible to control the shape and size of core powder and the content of Ag (%) as a coating layer.
We can meet the increasing demand for core powder with various qualities, which are increasingly used in high-functional and eco-friendly electronic devices.
Also for the PM components, it is available to make special sintered parts by the coated powder with uniformity thickness.

  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Ag Coated Cu(Dendrite)
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Ag Coated Ni
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 TCF-50A20N
∙ Conductive pastes and Inks, Conductive sheets, Conductive adhesives and tapes and ACF.
Product Grade Shape Content
Laser Particle Size(㎛)
D10 D50 D90
Silver/Copper TSC-10D07 Dendrite Ag 7 0.7 1.2 4 9 15
TSC-15D03 Ag 3 0.8 1.3 6 16 25
Silver/Nickel TSN-15F20 Flake Ag 20 1.5 2 8 15 25
Product Grade Composition (%) AD
Mesh (%)
80 100 140 200 325 -325
Copper/Iron TCF-50A20N Cu20, Fe80 2.1~2.4 ≤40 2max 10max 15~35 20~40 15~35 15~35

Fine Magnetic Powder

CSC fine magnetic powder is used as a raw material for the chip inductors.
The higher magnetic saturation point and finer powder size are required to respond to the shift toward high-current and high-frequency components.
CSC provides an optimal powder through its powder composition design, heat treatment, and insulation technology.

  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Amorphous
  • 제품 이미지 제품 이미지 Crystalline
∙ Power inductor and Chip inductor
Product Model Composition Powder Properties Partide Size
Powder Magnetic Property
AD (g/cm3) TD (g/cm3) D50 (㎛) MS (emu/g) Hc (Oe)
Crystalline FSC-82-15 Fe-Si-Cr 3.0-4.0 4.0-5.0 13-17 160-175 3-5
FSC-82-20 3.2-4.2 4.0-5.0 18-22
FSC-82-25 3.5-4.5 4.0-5.0 23-29
Amorphous AFSC-15 Fe-Si-Cr-B-C 3.5-4.5 4.0-5.0 13-17 140-160 0.5-1.5
AFSC-20 3.5-4.5 4.0-5.0 18-22
AFSC-25 3.5-4.5 4.0-5.0 23-29

※CSC can provide an insulation powder.

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