A valuable company that contributes to bringing happiness to humanity

CSC is fully committed to providing innovative and differentiated basic material solutions to enhance the lives of humanity to the point of enhancing happiness and fulfillment, thus proving its worth to the customers.

  • Humanism
  • Challenge
  • Creativity
“Achieve greater

CSC will continue to maintain the right philosophy and
creative management values in order to bring every aspect of
happiness and joy to our country.


With the “Pursuit of Happiness,” as our corporate philosophy, CSC will lead the world of tomorrow towards attaining complete happiness with a relentless initiative and a willingness to innovate.

Since it was first established in 1980, CSC has continued with its research and development efforts and bold investment in innovation to implement the commercialization of basic materials thus providing the impetus for our country to prosper for generations to come with advanced technologies. As a result, it became the first Korean company to develop metal powder manufacturing technology. The continual growth of CSC has seen it become a company with unparallel technological prowess and a competitive edge, providing cutting-edge basic materials, such as magnetic powder cores, coils, functional paste, EMC, clad metals, and powder metals.

Over the past 40 years, the company has advanced on a daily basis, and is currently working on laying the groundwork for sustainable growth by strengthening its position and competitiveness in advanced materials and focusing even more on eco-friendly vehicles and energy system components. CSC will do its utmost to bring every drop of happiness and joy to the lives of both its customers and employees, deeply in line with its corporate motto of “Think slowly, decide firmly and act quickly.” CSC,


To the world beyond Korea
We are your Reliable Partner, Chang Sung

Who resolutely focuses our passion and commitment
on the global market in order to meet the growing needs of the future.

Company Information
  • Company name Chang Sung Corporation
  • Established 1980. 11. 18
  • Representative Gwang-Bo Choi
    Byoung-Yoon Lee
  • Capital 44 million $
  • Business sectors Metal Powders
    Magnetic Powder Cores
    Functional Pastes
    Clad Metals
    Powder Metallurgy
  • Incheon/Korea 인천사업장 사진 인천사업장 사진
  • Pyeongtak/Korea 평택사업장 사진 평택사업장 사진
  • Cheongju/Korea 청주사업장 사진 청주사업장 사진
  • Weihai/China 중국 위해사업장 사진 중국 위해사업장 사진
  • Querétaro/Mexico Querétaro/Mexico Querétaro/Mexico


CSC boasts history spanning 40 years, which vividly illustrates its initiative, enterprise, and passion for contributing to the advancement of the world’s basic materials industry.

2020 ~ Present

04 Established in a factory in Mexico
01 97th Great Scientist Award (High efficiency Power Inductor for eco-friendly vehicle powertrain)
12 Received Korea Sports Mecenat Chairman’s Awards (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)
12 Acquired ISO 45001 certification
01 Designated as a Youth-friendly Small Giant Company


09 Received the Great Order of Sport Merit for the Pyeongchang Paralympics
07 Certification of the KGMP Dental 3D Printing Metal Powder
05 Acquired ISO 45001 certification
11 Global Business Leader Award
12 Industrial Technology Award of the Month
08 Industrial Technology Award of the Month
03 Developed and mass-produced inductors/transformers for eco-friendly electric vehicles
11 75th Jang Young-sil Award (High efficiency Inductor for PV)
12 Selected as a world-class product of the Film type absorber
12 Jang Young-sil Award, first place (Prime Minister Award)
12 100 Million Dollar Export Tower Award (48th Trade Day)
11 66th Jang Young-sil Award (High permeability absorbers)
06 Selected as a World Advanced Technology Center (WATC)
05 Selected as one of the “World-Class 300” companies
08 First Place Award for Best Technology (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
12 Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (2010 KOREA Technology Awards)


07 Acquired TS16949 certification
04 Acquired OHSAS 18001 & KOSHA 18001 certification
07 Established the magnetic powder core and powder metallurgy factories in Weihai, China
07 Selected as a company with high technologies by the Technology Fund
11 Acquired ISO 14000 certification
06 Established Weihai Chang Sung Electronics in Weihai, China
01 Acquired ISO Certification in Tianjin factory, China
12 Acquired an EM mark in soft magnetic cores (MPP, High Flux, Sendust) from the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
04 Order of Science and Technology Merit, Doyak (Leap) (37th Science Day)
11 Established magnetic powder core plants in Pyeongtaek, Korea
11 Presidential Citation for New Technology Commercialization (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
02 Selected as an Advanced Technology Center (ATC)
10 Certified as Korea New Technology (clad bonding technologies)
12 10 Million Dollar Export Tower Award (38th Trade Day)
11 Established a plant for electronic materials in Namdong, Incheon
10 Acquisition of ISO 09001


04 Patent registered for the MPP Powder manufacturing technology
12 Developed High Flux powder cores
08 Acquired EM marks on Cobalt and Copper alloy powder(Korean Agency for Technology and Standards)
11 Developed MPP and Sendust powder for cores
07 Developed conductive pastes for electronic components
09 Established the clad metal plant in Cheongju, technically cooperated with TMI, USA
06 Developed copper alloyed powder using gas atomizing technology
04 Established a metal powder manufacturing plant and R&D center in Incheon
03 Changed the company name to Chang Sung Corporation


04 1st Science Award (Presidential Order of Industrial Service Merit)
10 Acquired the KS mark on solder powder
07 Established the R&D center in Incheon
10 Succeeded in developing aluminum powder, Al-Mg alloy powder and Commenced with exports to Japan
01 Acquired a bronze powder plant with technology supported by KIST(Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
11 Established the Korean Nonferrous Metal Powder Corporation

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