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These products are used in solar photovoltaic power generation and eco-friendly vehicles to stabilize the noise, thermal shock, vibration, etc. Chang Sung's technology always ensures trust and safety.

Chang Sung's Inductors are produced using the inhouse developed raw powders and magnetic powder cores, which have a lower loss at a high frequency compared to the inductors using silicon steel cores and provide higher temperature stability than the inductors using ferrite cores. The inductors are used as essential components of power converters in air conditioning, solar and eco-friendly vehicle applications.

∙ Power converters for Air-Conditioners, Solar Power equipment and Eco-friendly Vehicles

Automotive Inductor

- Inductor and Transformer for the Eco-Friendly Vehicles Power Converter

- Inductor using a low loss and high density magnetic powder core

- The performance and reliability can be tested

Application Power
OBC (On Board Charger) 3.3kW ~ 11kW
LDC (Low DC-DC Converter) 1.5kW ~ 4kW
HDC (High DC-DC Converter) 30kW ~ 200kW
자동차용 인덕터 제품 이미지 자동차용 인덕터 제품 이미지

Solar Power Inductor

- Inductor for the DC solar cell
- Inductor for an AC Inverter

태양광용 인덕터 제품 이미지 태양광용 인덕터 제품 이미지
Application Power
Micro Inverter ~ 350W
Residential Inverter 3kW ~ 6kW
Commercial Inverter 10kW ~ 50kW
태양광용 인덕터 제품 이미지 태양광용 인덕터 제품 이미지

Air Conditioner Inductor

- DC Booster Inductor

에어컨용 인덕터 제품 이미지 에어컨용 인덕터 제품 이미지
Application Power
Room Aircon 2kW ~ 4kW
System Aircon 4kW ~ 17kW
Chiller 75kW ~ 500kW

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Application & Physical Data

Width / Length / Height [mm]


L [uH] Tolerance (%)
Transformer 외
Point I [A] L [uH]
(Peak Current)

Design Parameter

RMS Current, Ipri [A] / Isec [A]
Peak Voltage (Primary, Vpk) [V]
Duty Ratio (Maximum)
Turn Ratio
Switching Frequency [kHz]
Power Capacity [kW]
Transformer 외
RMS Current, IDC / Irms [A]
Peak Current, Ipk [A]
Ripple Current, Δi [A]
Current Waveform
Switching Frequency [kHz]
Power Capacity [kW]

Other Requirements

DCR [mΩ] @ 20℃
Insulation class
Loss [W] (Target)
Ambient Temp.
Cooling Method

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